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Exhibiting at The BIBA Conference 2021 guarantees you access to thousands of key decision-makers before, during and after the conference, offering you the opportunity to maintain relationships with existing contacts and generate interest from prospective customers. Brokers have said they can get months’ worth of networking and deal-making done in one or two days at a BIBA conference.

So why exhibit at The BIBA Conference 2021?

Meet and connect
Better connect and interact with prospective customers, and strengthen relationships with existing customers via video conferencing, online chats and BIBA’s AI powered matchmaking technology, which will best match you with others with shared business interests

Extend your reach
Get your content in front of a truly global audience – anyone with a device that connects to the internet can attend

Expand your audience
Participating in one of only a limited number of highly visible live fringe sessions, or providing a pre-recorded presentation for on-demand viewing, is one of the best ways to expand your reach

Showcase latest developments
Announce and display your latest innovations and developments and get your brand in front of new prospects

Keep customers close and your competitors closer
It’s a competitive industry so be aware of what your competitors are doing differently from you

Establish/strengthen your brand
Gain the same amount of access to prospective customers as your larger competitors – and why not consider running a BIBA promoted competition to further increase your brand exposure

Expand sales leads
Nowhere can give you qualified leads quite like the BIBA conference – there’s no greater way to be seen and to fill your contact book

Benefit from timely analytics
Exhibiting at the BIBA conference will provide you with some valuable insights, including the number of visitors to your stand, the content viewed, and who scheduled meetings and engaged in open chat (depending on stand package) – knowing how many attendees viewed and/or downloaded a piece of collateral, can help to tailor future content and conversations

Speak directly to your target market
Solicit crucial feedback that could help your business expand and improve by conducting a survey on your digital stand

Connect for longer
The event will remain online for 28 days, allowing attendees to not only view the keynote, seminar and fringe sessions that they may have missed but, importantly, to continue to have access to your stand content with the potential of generating additional leads long after the doors to the digital show have closed

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